Applications of Drone Imaging and Surveying

Applications of Drone Imaging and Surveying

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Drone imaging is a tool that is becoming ever more powerful with extensive applicability, offering the ability to assess objects and surroundings from an aerial standpoint easily.

Aerial imagery provides a rare perspective that is only limited by the optics available and the flexibility of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). In the drone and surveillance imaging sector, these limits are constantly pushed through concerted innovation, device miniaturization, and advanced data processing.

At MIPAR Image Analysis, surveillance imaging via UAV is one of the key markets. MIPAR is at the forefront for providing algorithmic analysis solutions for drone imaging applications that progressively push beyond the visible spectrum.

Small and lightweight cameras that are able to obtain strong spectral data across adjacent bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, or at key wavelengths of interest across a predetermined region, can now be embedded into fully operational UAVs. This enables users across an increasingly large base of applications with almost inexhaustible spectral sampling capacities from up on high.

Remote Sensing, Manufacturing and More

Drones have demonstrated they are a crucial enabling technology for the subsequent era of aerial photography and remote sensing, with a range of active applications throughout both rural and urban environments. MIPAR software accelerates the critical analysis of complicated visual imagery and offers completely automated depictions of certain areas of interest.

An example of this is MIPAR’s drone imaging software packages, which can deliver a comprehensive understanding of woodland health by quickly determining the proportion of forested areas in an aerial image. Also provided is comprehensive image analysis software for exceptionally fine manufacturing assessments, aiding process engineers to identify product defects at the smallest possible level without direct operator involvement.

MIPAR covers both thermal and visual applications, but the image analysis software may be personalized to manage numerous spectra beyond the evident and near-infrared regions. 

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