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Seabed Rig Develops Automated Oil and Gas Drilling System

Seabed Rig has released the latest fully automated deep-sea drilling system for oil and gas that functions on the sea floor. Its novel architecture featuring a completely automated compact drilling rig replaces lengthy oil- shipping pipes and the soaring structural system that impairs scenic beauty of seashores and all these innovative features are realized using its inbuilt SolidWorks software.

In contrast to being fixed over a prolonged period by relentless construction troops, the automated drilling rig can be descended within one day to the sea bed from a ship on the ocean surface and can be remotely operated. The drilling rig is surrounded by a protective enclosure for averting contamination of the nearby areas, filled with water it can automatically adjust in response to variations in pressure. It also demands few equipments for installation and construction and other features include easy clean-up and servicing. It was reported that Seabed Rig will significantly decrease cost- overheads involved in the study of oil and gas in the Arctic and in the deep seas.

Kenneth Mikalsen CTO at Seabed Rig has stated that safety and cost are the two major aspects pertaining to the mining and utilization of fossil fuel. He expressed that their new automated system can address these issues and they will continue to employ SolidWorks in all their initiatives related to upgrading oil and gas drilling methods. He mentioned that their unique robotic systems, drilling machinery and huge assemblies require insightful software which can profoundly control the design issues encountered and SolidWorks can effectively meet all these challenges.

SolidWorks is quicker than 2D CAD software and it helps Seabed Rig to easily achieve its time and quality goals. This powerful software has been chosen for the Research and Development award offered by the Norwegian Research Council. A complete demo of the automated drilling system was launched by Seabed Rig at the Forus Teknolgipark.



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