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KX-300x470 Medical Robotics from Peak Robotics, Inc.

Robot: The KiNEDx cylindrical robot is a four-axis manipulator offering high payload and excellent repeatability in a very compact and industrialized package.

Geometry: The innovative tri-link arm can retract in on itself to clear peripheral equipment and also provides a superior extended reach.

Software: Control is highly adaptive thanks to the open-architecture software. A full-featured DLL is provided and several options for integration and scheduling are available.

Controller: There is no separate controller required. All joints are servo’d using integral controllers and motors. A single serial cable connects to the user PC. A tethered pendent is used for jogging and teaching.

Applications: Designed for long-term demanding applications, these robots are perfect for many laboratory automation applications including diagnostics, drug discovery, genomics, HTS (high throughput screening), etc.

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