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TT-250 Welding Robotics from Robotic Systems, Inc

The TT-250 work cell is used where in addition to the six robot axes, the welding does not require any added degree of freedom. The system simply provides a work area for tooling to be mounted. The TT-250 worktable is a 72” diameter, non-servo work piece manipulator used where minimum flexibility is required.  The TT-250 worktable is mounted on a high-speed RR-502 rotary table.

  • 72” diameter worktable with arc protection
  • Worktable capacity – 250 Kg (550 lbs.) per side
    Optional capacity – 500 Kg (1,100 lbs.) per side
  • RR-502 rotation – Approx. 3.5 seconds/180°

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