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Estele Robotics System for Tele-Echography from Robosoft SA.

Estele is a tele-operated robotic system allowing any expert clinician to perform remotely echographic diagnosis as if he were “on site”. The system is based, on a light 4-axis ultrasound Probe Holder Robot (positioned on the patient by any medical assistant), and remotely controlled by a specialist.
A Bidirectional visio-conferencing system allows :

  • The patient and the specialist to communicate and as if they were in the same room.
  • The specialist to visualize both the images generated by the echograph and see and talk with the patient.

Estele is a reliable turn-key system, easily usable worldwide, and allowing any clinician expert to overcome space and time constraints. These experts can bring their expertise
worldwide, everywhere such competences are missing drastically.

Main Technical Features

  • Probe Holder Robot is made of :
    • Robotized probe holder:
    • robotized positioning device with 4 degrees of freedom including the contact pressure control.
    • compatible with most brand or size of probes
    • instant probe attachment
    • noiseless and th visio-conference.
    • software based on rlight weight (< 3 kg )
  • Controller:
    • computer rack wiobuBOX.
    • storage rack for the computer controlled probe.
  • Master station (expert clinician side) is made of :
    • Master station with visio-conference
    • A virtual probe

Other Equipment