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Intelligent Robots from FANUC Robotics

Basic Description:

Untill now, robotic assembly has been dominated by 2-D applications using SCARA robots. FANUC Robotics' Intelligent Robots with integrated FANUC Force Sensors provide 3-D assembly with six degrees of freedom. The seamless integration of a six-degrees-of-freedom force sensor results in an intelligent robot that can "feel,"enabling the most demanding mechanical assembly and material operations.

The Intelligent Robots include a standard FANUC robot (LR Mate® 200iC, M-10iA™, M-16iB™, M-710iC/50™), a FANUC Force Sensor (FS-30 and FS-60) anvanced force control software.

Standard sensor setup schedules and process specific force control instructions make the Intelligent Robots easy to program and operate via the FANUC iPendant™.


  • High Reliability - Intelligent Robots are built on standard mechanical arms with a high degree of reliability and proven performance records.
  • Simple to use - Simple data setup menus for force control and standard teach pendant programming for application development make the Intelligent Robots simple to operate.
  • Color-graphic iPendant with patented browser-based interface - Multiple-window, color-graphic interface allows simultaneous display of robot program, force/moment (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz) information during production operation.
  • Force data on ipendant - Allows continuous display of actual force variations during the force control operation.
  • FANUC Force Sensor - Is optimized for robotics, including small size and robust design.

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