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ANATROLLER ARI-50 Mobile Robot from Robotics Design Inc.

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 is a mobile robot that is specialized in cleaning and inspecting of air ducts.It is a very reliable and productive robot, and its low cost provides it with exceptional value.This robot is very user-friendly, and comes ready to deploy in minutes, as the cable is simple to connect,and video recording eqipment comes pre-integrated in the robot. The simple single joystick robot control of the ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 allows even inexperienced users to operate this robot with ease.

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 is a heavy-duty, modular,reliable, anti-tilting robot with a symmetrical design which allows it to continue operating after a flip-over. It can operate in severe industrial environments and can resist water, oil, and dust. The robot is able to inspect, spray, coat and brush duct interiors in round, square, and rectangular ducts.


  • Symmetric compact modular design
  • Light weight, Anti-tilting robot
  • Zero-radius turn
  • Climbs obstacles of 1" height
  • Grad up to 45 degree
  • Transports payloads
  • Resists vibrations and industrial environment
  • Water resist (optional)
  • Low Maintenance
  • User-friendly control unit
  • One cable for air and control
  • High quality precision machined frame

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