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DS89C450-K00 Microcontroller Evaluation Kit from Maxim Integrated Products

The DS89C450-K00 Evaluation Kit provides a proven platform to conveniently evaluate the capabilities of the 8051, ultra-high speed, flash microcontroller family. When you add a power supply (6V to 9V, > 300mA capacity) and a PC, the kit provides a completely tested, functional system ideal for application development and debugging.

DS89C450 Kit Features

  • Load Code Easily Using Bootstrap Loader and
  • Serial 0 Port (DB-9, J2)
  • Two DB-9 RS-232 Serial Connectors
  • On-Board Power-Supply Regulator
  • 128K of On-Board Program and Data RAM
  • Preprogrammed Xilinx® CPLD Handles Address Multiplexing and RAM Mapping
  • LED Display of Port 0 Levels
  • Pushbutton Switches for Reset and Interrupt Generation
  • Prototyping Area
  • Board Schematics Provide a Convenient Reference Design

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