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PR2 (Personal Robot 2) from Willow Garage

The PR2 is an open and robust robot platform designed from the ground up for software developers and researchers. By eliminating the need to first build a hardware system and then re-implement code, the PR2 allows software experts to immediately create new functionality on the robot.

The PR2 Robot is fully integrated with ROS, providing the power of all the ROS developer tools and out-of-the-box functionality for everything from full system calibration to manipulation.

To allow development without a physical PR2, we provide a simulator, with tutorials to get you started.  The ROS interfaces to the simulator and to the real robot are the same, so code written for one will generally run on the other.


  • Robust enough that you can develop and test code on the robot itself
  • Ready for development out-of-the-box
  • Wireless Bluetooth Joystick
  • Wireless Run/Stop
  • Speaker

Other Equipment