OPTOTRAK Certus HD Dynamic Measuring Machine from Northern Digital Inc.

OPTOTRAK Certus® HD is a powerful and flexible Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) for 6DOF motion tracking and analysis applications. The Certus HD Position Sensor uses high-speed, real-time digital photogrammetry and optical triangulation techniques to track the precise 3D positions of targets over a large volume.

The Certus HD system can determine the position and orientation of many moving objects by generating thousands of data points per second in real time. You can analyze and report data in either a fixed frame of reference or relative to another object's local coordinate system.


  • Conduct testing and analysis wherever required with a portable DMM
  • Preserve the natural dynamics of motion with a non-contact tracking method
  • Trigger and synchronize third-party devices with a straightforward interface
  • Link multiple Position Sensors to produce very large measurement volumes
  • Immediately use pre-configured system right out of the box

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