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MRK-35 Mobile Surveillance Robotics from RuSec security systems Inc.

The MRK-35 is a universal mobile robotic system designed for cable installation and evacuation of the MF3 and MF4 robots The MRK-35 system consists of a mobile robot, equipped with a manipulator, a remote control station, a portable operator control unit, a cable set and a charger.

The system has the following features:

  • Cable installation via communications systems.
  • Variable-geometry track chassis ensures high cross-country ability and operational maneuver ability, including the stair climbing, together with evacuation of stuck MF3 and MF4 robots only with unbraked track.
  • Colour TV cameras ensure video surveillance and visual inspection.
  • Relatively average dimensions and weight enable the use in handling and conveyance operations for hard-shell and soft-shell materials with the dimensions up to 500x400x250 mm.
  • Proportional chassis and manipulator control provides the required precision of operations.

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