Tablet / Capsule Printing Machine from RIDDHI PHARMA MACHINERY LTD.

The Leoscor printing machine has optimzed performance in creating sharp impressions on tablets and capsules.

It prints on two sides- on a vast range of products.Almost any size and shape like:

  • rounds
  • ovals
  • football shapes
  • pumpkin seed
  • coffin
  • triangular
  • hexagonal tablets

Wax, Sugar, or Film coated tablets, polished and sealed compressed products can all be handled by the Leo Printer.

  • high quality gravure prints at rates up to 60,000 (size 2) capsules per hour, or 80,000 depending on  sthe diameter of the tablets 
  • designed for long runs at high speed
  • total ease of handling
  • one operator can run several machines
  • production rates upto 120,000 per hour for similar sizes
  • completely automatic operation
  • feed disc and gravure rolls are available in any size in order to obtain most efficient production 
  • fully flexible printer

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