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3200 Series Rotary Postion Sensors from BEI Sensors

BEI Duncan Electronics rotary potentiometric solutions offer customers a range of options that can resolve up to 3600 degrees (10-turns) of motion, meet IP66/67 sealing requirements, and provide operational life exceeding 10 million cycles. Our product line also has options for resolving up to 3600 degrees (10-turns) of rotary motion with redundant outputs for high reliability These devices can be installed on circuit boards or simply mounted to mechanical assemblies. Termination options include integral connectors and surface mount or flying leads that allow customers to more easily choose a connector. As with any of our sensor solutions, a wide variety of cost-effective, custom/adapted solutions are available to address customer specific requirements for angular resolution, electrical angle, CAN Bus or PWM outputs, switch function, custom transfer functions, linearity, termination, operational life, environmental requirements, packaging requirements, and much more. We can also provide components that allow customers to package Element and Contact Assemblies directly into their existing package, thereby reducing packaging costs and space requirements.

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