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ServoSensor® Position Controller from MTS System Corporation.

Temposonics S Series ServoSensor position controller is a complete servo controller installed and interfaced inside a standard MTS Temposonics sensor envelope. This eliminates the need for costly servoamplifiers and complex Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) setups utilized for setpoint control.

The Temposonics S Series ServoSensor position controller capitalizes on smaller, more powerful microprocessors and advances in surfacemount technology to eliminate the need for an external controller. The design shaves control cabinet panel space, reduces mounting hardware and operates both sensor and servovalve drive signal with a single 24 Vdc power supply. The improvements allow Temposonics S Series ServoSensors position controller to close the position loop in 1 millisecond at resolutions of 0.001 inches. As a result, ServoSensor position controllers are well suited for many applications that require high accuracy and fast response.

The Temposonics S Series ServoSensor position controller handles position and error information efficiently by integrating MTS Temposonics sensing algorithms directly into the sensor. This makes for noise free position and speed signals, critical for high performance servoloops. The ServoSensor position controller typically mounts inside an actuator with a short drive cable running from the sensor to servovalve, eliminating the need for additional driver interfaces and associated cabling.

ServoSensor position controllers store closed-loop gains and operational parameters. They can be programmed with PLC’s or PC’s via RS-485 communication and easy to use Windows based graphical user interface setup software. The user defines servo-loop dynamics, including gains and zero adjustments, as well as operating parameters such as velocity, acceleration, dwell time, travel limits, sensor resolution and emergency stops.


  • Self-contained servo controller in sensor head
  • High speed loop closure down to 1 millisecond
  • Proven reliability and ruggedness
  • Two wire RS-485 network compatible
  • Windows based graphical user interface
  • CE Certified
  • Visual indications of power and status
  • Four selectable modes of operation
  • User selectable baud rates
  • Communication with up to 26 units per link

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