GNOM Baby Remote Operated Vehicles from Indel Partner, Ltd.

The ROV Gnom Baby is a really micro sized vehicle that has all main features inherited from larger underwater systems. The vehicle combines low coast with the full set of Gnom capabilities.

ROV technical specifications:

  • 3 magnetically coupled thrusters
  • Operating depth up to 50 m
  • Horizontal speed up to 2 knots
  • Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical cable (3mm), up to 50m long
  • Color camera PAL CCD 1/3", 480 TV Lines, 0.3 lux
  • Two clusters of ultra-bright LEDs
  • Depth sensor, auto-depth mode
  • Compass, auto-guide mode
  • Data display
  • Power supply 100-240VAC, 12VDC
  • Total power consumption 120Watt
  • Full system packed in two case ('Baby')
  • ROV weight: 1.5 kg, total system weight: 11 kg
  • ROV dimensions: 210x185x150mm

Other Equipment