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K-Series Robot CMM system from Nikon Metrology NV.

The K-Series Robot CMM system is an accurate portable measurement system suitable for calibration or testing of robots and robotic cells in industrial environments. The system offers 60µ accuracy (single point) in a 17 m³ volume through the measuring of infrared LEDs using camera technology.

Robot Calibration

K-Series systems in combination with ROCAL robot calibration software are a world reference in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Robot Testing

Metris Roboscope software acts as an oscilloscope for robot and helps you to optimize the robot accuracy and perform testing with calculations according to ISO9283. K-Series measurement systems with Roboscope software can identify important robot parameters such as path and position accuracy, robot speed, compliance and mechanical play all these parameters and predict process quality, saving tremendous test and iteration costs.

Key Features:

  • Robot calibration system for nearly any type and brand of robot
  • Cell alignment to measure the position of fixtures in robot base
  • TCP measurement to measure the exact position of the robot tool


  • Recalibration of absolute accurate robots
  • TCP measurement of welding guns and grippers
  • Measuring complete cells
  • Robot performance testing with Roboscope, the oscilloscope for your robot
  • Robots ISO standard testing

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