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CleanMate QQ-2 Consumer Robotics from Metapo, Inc.

CleanMate QQ-2 is your personal robot cleaner that sweep and vacuum for you. It can easily handle various surfaces including carpet, hardwood tile and linoleum. It can also go underneath the beds and other hard-to-reach places to clean dirt, dust and pet hair while simultaneously killing bacteria and deodorizing with its ultraviolet light. With Cliff Sensing technology built-in, CleanMate intelligently avoid stairs and ledges. CleanMate can work ceaselessly up to 70 minutes on a single charge.


  • Automatically returns to charging base for recharging when low on battery power
  • Resumes cleaning 40 minutes when battery recharge completion
  • Auto-off feature conserves power when unit is not in use and being recharging
  • Compact size remote control which is embedded into upper cover
  • 3 1/2 hours quick battery charging
  • UV light provides disinfection
  • Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
  • Stop automatically and making warning beeping when wheel gets stuck
  • Easy roller brush removal for cleaning
  • Debris level is visible via dust bin window
  • Five-step repetitive rotation movement provides the most effective way to clean your rooms
  • Timer for cleaning time setting

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