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V788 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Valor Wave Group Co., Ltd.


  1. Cleans your floor automatically. It can pick up dirt, dust ,pet hair and
    other debris on your floor.
  2. The robot will search intelligent charging base for recharging by
    itself when the power is about to run out.
  3. It can be preset to work at the scheduled time of everyday, or self-start after full recharging.
  4. Its compact size enables it to reach and clean under bed, sofa and other hard-to-reach places.
  5. Wall-Following clean function provide a fantastic cleaning efficiency to the foot of wall and obstacle.
  6. Stair Avoidance Detector.
  7. Self-rescue system.
  8. Edge cleaning program .
  9. UV lamp sterilization .
  10. LED Display.
  11. Extra-big capacity of dustbin (1Litre).
  12. Non-collision Bumper .
  13. The walking speed can be adjusted as you like.
  14. Self-adjusting cleaning head to traverse different floors.

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