DeepSea G3 Embedded Vision System from TYZX, Inc.

The DeepSea G3 Embedded Vision System is an intelligent, self-contained, real-time 3D sensor solution designed for production deployment of 3D applications in security, robotics and interactive systems.

The G3 packages the DeepSea 3 custom processor along with all other components required to create a true turn-key platform for 3D applications. Essential features such as synchronized high-dynamic-range imagers, exposure control, and image rectification are all computed efficiently in hardware, as are powerful 3D data representations such as ProjectionSpaceTM. The result is low latency and fast frame rate with low power dissipation. Like its predecessor the DeepSea G2, the DeepSea G3 includes an embedded PowerPC CPU for user applications, including TYZX SEER applications.

TYZX G3 EVS Features:

  • Integral imagers and lenses for 3D stereo vision
  • DeepSea 3 Processor
  • Precision Rectification and image re-sampling
  • High speed, low latency Census stereo correlation
  • ProjectionSpace™ transform engine
  • Optional frame-rate, range-based background model
  • Embedded PowerPC Linux processor and Ethernet for ease of programming and connectivity

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