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ANATROLLER ARE-100™ Telerobotics from Robotics Design Inc.

Designed and manufactured in Canada by Robotics Design Inc., the ANATROLLER ARE-100™ is an advanced rugged modular mobile robotic platform based on patented ANAT Technology™ for educational and research laboratories. This high quality robot is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The ANATROLLER ARE-100™ can be customized to suit any application, depending on your needs: Four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, treks, with or without the controller and can use Linux or Windows as its operating system. Because this robot is modular, it can connect to other robots or partially disconnect from itself safely, which allows this diverse yet specialized robot to suit any application, and allows it to successfully accomplish tasks that no robot has ever been able to perform.

With the ANATROLLER ARE-100™ , researchers can develop specialized intelligent robotic projects for security applications such as human-machine interaction, mobile system navigation, robot behaviour, image processing, object recognition, voice recognition, tele-operation, remote sensing, and autonomous navigation/patrol map building and localization and a myriad of other applications.

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