Robotic Transfer Cars from C&D Skilled Robotics, Inc.

C&D Skilled Robotics manufactures a line of transfer cars that can be used in stand-alone pallet handling systems, or seamlessly integrated into larger systems. By changing motion profiles "on the fly," the transfer car can adapt to the specific needs of individual products.


  • Servo drive provides smooth accelerations for handling tall unstable loads.
  • Shuttle or Conveyor top for interface with static stands and conveying systems.
  • Can be integrated with robots to operate concurrently in same workspace.
  • Extensive travel capabilities allow transfer cars to service a large number of palletizing locations for a fraction of the cost of pallet conveyor systems.
  • Dual shuttle design dramatically increases the system throughput.
  • Can deliver stacks of empty pallets to automatically replenish pallet dispensing equipment.

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