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PIPE Inspection Robot from GENEXIS

PIPE inspection robot that can be customized according to clients requirements.Client can fully specify all aspects of this robot so as to meet their needs and budget.Our prices are 1/5 of the standard pipe robots.

Power is lead out via cables which can be very long. Wheels of the robot can be made of earth magnets to provide a non slip effect on the pipes. power used can be from a 12v lead acid battery. We can also mount a camera with lights which can pan and tilt according to your control. Remote control can be via standard controls or via P32 game controller or even thenintendo wii controller set.

The GV-Xl is a multifunctional digital robotic CC1V inspection system that is based on the self propelled mover model fitted with a 2 cameras which allows the user to see the full 360° in the pipe.The robot can be operated remotely from the controller side via either 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive, both of which are speed controllable. The Camera cases are made up to light weight harden alluminium alloy with a CCD chip ranging to 420 lines.

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