Nano-Precision Actuator Featuring Piezoelectric Walking Drive (Piezo Worm) - N-381 from PI

PI’s model N-381 precision nano-positioning actuator and manipulator is a combination of rapid acceleration with sub-nanometer resolution as well as high forces to 10N. The actuator features a long travel range of 30 mm (1.2”), which is made possible by the walking type piezo linear motor. The preloaded ceramic modules lock the position and hold it with nanometer stability when a programmed position has been reached. A high dynamics short travel range is available at any particular position in the travel range in order to offer highly dynamic motion with frequencies up to several 100 Hz and amplitudes of up to 7 mm. This “analog mode” can also be used to provide rapid acceleration in microseconds or even for active damping of unwanted vibrations.

Salient Features

The key features of the N-381 are:

  • Nano-precision actuator with 30 mm positioning range
  • Two modes: step-mode and continuously variable, high-dynamics analog mode
  • High dynamics mode with very high acceleration, hundreds of g’s
  • 2 lbs (10N) force generation
  • Self-clamping principle, no power consumption at position hold
  • Smooth motion, no closed-loop jitter
  • Vacuum-compatible and non-magnetic versions

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