Precision Flexure Positioners, Driven by Piezo Stack Actuator Modules – P-602 from PI

The friction-less PiezoMove flextensional linear actuator series from PI is designed for OEM applications. They can be used for a broad range of high- speed applications such as precision pick&place, micro-dosing valves, and high speed positioning. The positioners can operate at forces up to 400N and position resolutions to 1 nm.

Salient Features

The salient features of the precision flexure positioners are:

  • High stiffness and dynamics, forces upto 400 N, zero-backlash construction
  • Frictionless flexure guiding system for straight motion
  • Integrated motion amplifier for travel ranges to 1 mm
  • Outstanding lifetime due to picma piezo actuators
  • Closed-loop versions available
  • Custom designs with larger travel or faster response and non-magnetic versions feasible
  • Ideal for OEM-Applications in Adaptronics, Biotechnology or Microfluidics

The solid-state module-driven flexure-guided, lever-amplified actuators offer responsiveness in the sub-millisecond range, more rapid than pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. On the other hand, they can hold a load precisely with no power consumption for a long time.

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