6-Axis Nano-Robotics Precision Positioning Stage, PIMars P-562 from PI

PI’s 6-Axis nanopositioning stage offers motion in six degrees of freedom with extreme precision. It is utilised for nano-manufacturing and test and inspection of semiconductor processes. Its solid-state, flexure guided design has benefits over conventional positioning systems. The nanopositioning stage is based on a parallel-kinematic design, where all actuators drive the workpiece in parallel and a parallel-metrology feedback system monitors the moving platform from all angles, a sophisticated digital piezo controller makes it possible to achieve highly precise coordinated motion in all six degrees of freedom, with straightness & flatness in the low nanometer range.

Key Features

The salient features of the Six-axis Nano-Robotics Precision Positioning Stage are:

  • Six axis precision positioner: xyz, theta z, theta y, theta z
  • Novel parallel kinematics and parallel metrology design for enhanced responsiveness & precision
  • Capacitive direct metrology for higher linearity and stability
  • Frictionless, backlash-free flexure guiding system
  • Excellent scan-flatness
  • Long life ceramic encapsulated piezo multilayer actuators
  • UHV Vacuum Option to 10-9 hPa


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