Single- and Multi-Pixel Capability in One Sensor - TeraRanger Evo Mini

The TeraRanger Evo Mini available from Terabee monitors stock levels, recognizes simple gestures, measures distance, detects movements and offers many more functionalities.

The lightest and smallest addition to the TeraRanger Evo sensor range, Evo Mini offers value for money and versatile performance. The sensor has been advanced for indoor distance sensing, thus providing ranges varying from 3 cm up to 3.3 m.

Users can easily switch the TeraRanger Evo Mini between single-pixel and multi-pixel modes and adjust it to suit their sensing requirements. Evo Mini has a strong ABS enclosure for better protection. Additionally, users can gain from free ROS nodes and Arduino and Raspberry Pi sample codes to get their projects up and running quickly.

Key Product Features

  • High performance-versus-price ratio
  • Infrared time-of-flight technology
  • Advanced for indoor measurements, ranging from just 0.03 m to 3.3 m
  • Users can choose from 1-, 2-, or 4-pixel modes
  • Designed with small size and light weight of only 9 g (inclusive of the backboard)
  • Options to choose from clip-on, interchangeable interfaces such as UART, USB, and I2C
  • Compatible with ROS, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino
  • Reduced power consumption — appropriate for battery-powered IoT projects
Meet TeraRanger Evo Mini - Small, lightweight and low-cost ToF sensor


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