Omni+™ Series Low Cogging Direct Drive Motors

Celera Motion, a precision motion component and sub-system solutions provider and business division of Novanta Corporation, has launched a new direct drive motor platform, called the Omni+™ Series, to its range of frameless, direct-drive motor kits.

System engineers searching for the 'magic combination' of torque density and motion smoothness will be interested in the advanced Omni+ direct-drive motor series. The Omni+ provides high torque density and ensures minimal cogging, leading to smooth motion, decreased temperature rise and lower power dissipation.

Celera Motion launches Omni+ Series, the next generation of direct drive motors ideal for medical and industrial applications. Image Credit: Celera Motion

The Omni+ Series is efficient and designed for improved system integration. Available in a wide range of winding options and axial lengths, which pair well with the Celera Motion Capitan servo drives for optimal performance. Applications that are suitable for the motor series include actuators, geared robotic joints, or direct-drive rotary stages that are normally seen in communications, satellite, and surveillance equipment—both ground and air, as well as surgical robotics and medical device equipment.

In contrast to other frameless motor offerings that make users select between performance and form factor, the Omni+ Series has been developed to optimize inner diameter (ID) to outer diameter (OD) ratio without affecting the torque density, leading to thin cross-section form factors and enabling both design flexibility and convenience for routing cables, breaks, optics, or other system elements.

The Omni+ Series is perfect for medical robotic joint applications, where smooth motion and temperature control are absolute requirements.

Industrial applications gain from more torque out for each unit volume and improved design flexibility.

The latest Omni+ Series enables users to effortlessly combine the frameless motor kit technology and gain from efficient usage of space while offering fast acceleration, high speeds, reduced settling times, excellent mechanical stiffness, and better system performance and throughput.

Customer demands continue to increase for smooth motion, lower power dissipation and decreased temperature rise. The Omni+ Series with its minimal cogging and high torque density better meet customer requirements in critical component applications. Pre-engineered and compatible with many gears and drives, Omni+ offers fast and easy system integration – giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Mike Mainvielle, VP Product Management and Marketing, Celera Motion

The Omni+ Series comes in various frame sizes with 60 mm and 70 mm being the first frame sizes that have been launched to the market. Additional frame sizes will be available soon.

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