Capitan Series Servo Drives

Celera Motion is renowned for precision motion component and sub-system solutions and is a business division of Novanta Corporation. The company has announced the addition of the Capitan Series to its range of premium performance Ingenia servo drives.

Using the most sophisticated transistor technology available, the Capitan Series provides maximum power density in the most compact profile possible. Communications latency is improved to boost the response of the system.

Standby power consumption is decreased to reduce the generation of heat, and firmware architecture has been developed to accept PWM frequencies of up to 200 kHz with the highest utilization of bus voltage, allowing low inductance motor control. SPI, CANopen and EtherCAT are the communication options.

The outcome is a range of servo drives that provides maximum efficiency, effectiveness and performance in even the most challenging applications, such as exoskeletons, surgical robots, robotic joints, flat actuators, gimbals, haptics and end-effectors.

Robotics is a very competitive market, evolving rapidly, and requiring best-in-class servo drive technology. Application-focused servo drives like Capitan, where we have included features specifically required for those market segments, dramatically help engineers to accelerate their designs, be more competitive and keep the focus on their core business.

Marc Vila, Business Director for Ingenia Servo Drives, Celera Motion

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, some of the main benefits of the Capitan Servo Drive Series are mentioned below.

Small and Powerful

The Captain Series servo drives are lightweight, ultra-compact and weigh just 18 g. Developed with the most sophisticated transistor technology in the world, the Captain Series servo drives are the smallest and strongest units worldwide.

Easy to Integrate with Multiple Options

The Capitan drive has a small footprint and is available with an extremely low profile, making it easy to integrate for numerous applications, such as flat actuators, compact robot joints, exoskeletons, surgical robots, exoskeletons, gimbals, end-effectors and haptic applications.

The Capitan Series features a ready-to-use model (XCR) that allows rapid commissioning and installation of the system. NET and CORE are pluggable module versions that enable simple integration into a carrier board.

Optimized Servo Performance

The Capitan Series sets a new standard for managing the power of servo drives. A standby power consumption down to 1.12 W and the advanced power control combine to provide up to 99% efficiency. Rapid current and servo loops together with PWM frequencies of up to 200 kHz deliver excellent performance.

Multiple Communication Options

CANopen, EtherCAT, or SPI communication protocols support complex multi-axis applications. The Capitan Series supports EtherCAT with bus latency down to two cycles and also CANopen and hi-speed SPI bus communication with command update rates of up to 20 kHz. This enhances the cost-benefit of integrating several axes into one solo PCB.

Safe and Efficient

By employing the latest power control, the Capitan Series sets new efficiency standards for low dissipation of heat, thereby achieving up to 99%. The Capitan Series has been developed to fulfill industrial functional safety standards, and hence, safety is guaranteed at all the time. The series also incorporates STO inputs that are rated to SIL-3 PLe standards.

The Capitan Series comes in three models: CORE, NET and XCR.

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