Optical Incremental Encoder from Baumer India Private Limited

Whenever mechanical rotary motions have to be monitored, the encoder is the most important interface between the mechanics and the control unit. Encoders transform rotary movement into a sequence of electrical pulses. A number of bright/dark segments on a disc are photoelectrically scanned. The number of segments determine the resolution of the movement and hence the accuracy of the position. Because only increments of rotation are detected with a single channel, an additional signal, phase shifted by 90 degrees, is generated by inserting a grid diaphragm. This 90 degrees out of phase signal enables, together with the initial signal, the direction of rotation to be determined. Once per revolution a reference signal may also be generated.

Typical applications:

  • Precise angle measurement
  • RPM or direction of rotation measurement
  • X/Y positioning tables
  • Positioning in handlings-systems

Other Equipment