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Talon Packaging System from JLS Automation

The Talon Series of robotic packaging machines is designed to automate many of the most labor intensive tasks for a wide range of applications. Whether your application involves loading the infeed of a wrapper, blister or tray packing, placing products into MAP or vacuum packing machinery, or integration with cartoning systems the JLS Talon offers a compact automation option that is flexible, efficient, and will provide high levels of productivity and reliability for years.

Talon SHPS-Single Robot Cell

  • Single incoming product lane
  • Tray and Blister Pack Loading
  • Collating/Singulating
  • Product Orientation and Alignment
  • Product Inspection
  • Reliable - High production up time
    The IRB 360 is built using just a few parts, which is why up time is higher compared to hard automation solutions.
  • Fast - Short cycle times
    The IRB 360 is developed for optimized short pick & place cycles. It readily handles 150 picks per minute. With tooling to handle several pieces in a single pick, the IRB 360 can handle in excess of 400 pieces per minute, depending on payload.
  • Strong - Maximized utilization
    The IRB 360 can handle payloads up to 2kg
  • Robust - Harsh production environment
    The IRB 360 is available in a stainless steel version, making it ideal for clean-room operations between class 2 and 3.
  • Versatile - Flexible integration and production
    As the robot is top mounted, it does not consume any additional floor space and is easily integrated

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