Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots reports on the theory and applications of robotic systems capable of some degree of self-sufficiency. It features papers that include performance data on actual robots in the real world.

Coverage includes:

  • control of autonomous robots
  • real-time vision
  • autonomous wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • legged vehicles
  • computational architectures for autonomous systems
  • distributed architectures for learning, control and adaptation
  • studies of autonomous robot systems
  • sensor fusion
  • theory of autonomous systems
  • terrain mapping and recognition
  • self-calibration and self-repair for robots
  • self-reproducing intelligent structures
  • genetic algorithms as models for robot development.

The focus is on the ability to move and be self-sufficient, not on whether the system is an imitation of biology. Of course, biological models for robotic systems are of major interest to the journal since living systems are prototypes for autonomous behavior.

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