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Gopher Protocol Announces Commencement of Research in Robotics Field

Targeting Its Technology to Enable Advanced Robots

Gopher Protocol Inc., a company specializing in the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile technologies, a global platform with both mobile and fixed solutions is pleased to announce it has commenced research in the robotics field with the goal of targeting its technology to enable advanced robots.

The goal of the research is to further develop our technology for the implementation of Gopher's technology within robots that will enable advanced features especially within GEO location, learning from experience and cognitive operations. Gopher intends to conduct an extensive research in the areas of security, military, autonomous machines, industrial and home robotics.

"We have clearly identified a wide range of robotics applications, which we believe that we can develop innovations for through the research we just commenced," stated Dr. Danny Rittman, Gopher’s Chief Technology Officer. "For example, we believe our GEO tracking technology has the ability to enable the ultimate location/orientation for robots utilized in any application including security or military. We also expect that our research will prove that our Avant! AI engine can enable smart, cognitive operation when utilized in autonomous machines, which we believe would allow robots to be trained, learning from its own experience, applying this experience in future use. Furthermore, we believe that connecting individual robots to our proprietary, private, secured communication protocol (gNET) would allow individual robots to learn from other robots experience as well in what we refer to as a "Knowledge Sharing Vault". As with anything new, we can expect some time until our research will be fully developed in order that it may be commercialized through the integration into robots, which could take up to ten years. People always ask me if smart robots will eventually replace us and I always answer, No. Robots are made by humans to complement our lives and to make them better. We have to see robots as our productive assistants and not our competitors."

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