CyberLink to Demonstrate Applications of FaceMe® in Smart Retail, Smart Security, Smart Office Scenarios

At CES 2019, CyberLink Corp., a pioneer of AI and Facial Recognition technologies, will be exhibiting AIoT solutions powered by FaceMe®, the new facial recognition engine developed by the company.

FaceMe® offers Smart Retail solutions to investigate store traffic and attributions of visitors, Smart Security systems that have anti-spoofing capabilities, and Smart Office solutions, like background blur that offers higher privacy to business professionals during video conferences. CES 2019 will be held in Las Vegas between January 8th and 11th, 2019; CyberLink is located at booth #26056 in LVCC Hall South 2.

FaceMe® is one of the most advanced facial recognition engines in the world and is endorsed by the world-renowned MegaFace Challenge. It is powered by deep learning and neural network algorithms. Its high precision realizes a true acceptance rate (TAR) of nearly 98.41% and a less than 10-6 (0.000001) false acceptance rate (FAR). FaceMe® offers exceptional cross-platform capabilities for supporting Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android for a range of hardware configurations, for example, CRM solutions, digital signage, access and security systems, Kiosks, and personalized robots.

With more than five years of research and development in AI facial technology, FaceMe® is ranked as the top-class facial recognition solution for multiple AIoT applications. To achieve advanced cross-platform integration, FaceMe® is also optimized for edge computing devices, which help hardware providers implement FaceMe® into existing systems for lightning-fast response times and enhanced performance.

Dr Jau Huang, CEO, CyberLink Corp.

CyberLink will exhibit the uses of FaceMe® in Smart Security, Smart Retail, and Smart Office scenarios at CES 2019. In the case of Smart Retail, stores can analyze demographics like age, gender, and emotion and can track customer traffic by implementing FaceMe® on KIOSKS and digital signage. The analysis assists in improving the shopping experience and customizing promotions in real time.

In the case of Smart Security solutions like control of door access by embedded systems, or surveillance cameras connected to Video Management System (VMS), FaceMe® can be used by hardware developers to deploy sophisticated facial recognition and identification capabilities. FaceMe® can also recognize specific facial expressions and detect potential identity fraud using depth information synthesized by a 3D camera.

CyberLink will also demonstrate the PerfectCam 2, a recently launched, AI-powered camera plug-in, designed for the Smart Office. Professionals can use it hold online video conferences in full privacy through advanced background blur technology. Users can use this in combination with skin smoothing, lighting enhancements, and instant appearance optimization tools to maintain a professional look during every video meeting and live casting event.

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