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Gopher Avant! AI Robotics Program Launched to Enable Increased Autonomous Functionality

Gopher Protocol Inc. focuses on developing artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT)-enabled mobile technologies, such as a global mesh network technology platform for both fixed and mobile solutions.

The company has recently announced that it has initiated studies to adapt its advanced Gopher Avant! AI in the robotics field, through a programmable robot platform.

The robotics program research will go on through 2019. Gopher Avant! AI engine is likely to be incorporated into robot platforms; the objective of the program is to develop autonomous machines that will have the ability to carry out tasks under Avant! AI control, and also become an information resource platform.

The aim of Gopher’s Avant! AI machine is to allow efficient robotics application development such as motion control (dynamic interaction, obstacle avoidance), grasping (physical orientation, grasping objects), functionality for vision (face/objects recognition), and data aggregation to increase its own knowledge-base (informational resource, inferring logical and physical data patterns to act accordingly). Gopher’s Avant! AI also integrates machine learning-based, self-learning capabilities. The aim of this study is to develop a unique system that “thinks” and makes decisions.

AI and machine learning are no longer in an infancy stage with regard to robotic applications providing constant improvement in order to make an extraordinary impact on our lives. As part of our ongoing Avant! AI research & development, our plan is to push the boundaries of what is possible within the robotics arena over the next few years. At the root of AI robotics is the ability for machines to be able to perform tasks characteristic of human intelligence. These include identifying, understanding and recognizing patterns, understanding natural language, learning, and solving problems. Our pursuit envisions Avant! AI embedded within robotic machines, not just as a programmable machine that carries out a set of tasks autonomously, but as a cognitive entity that will reach one day a self-aware type of operation similar to human cognition. We believe Gopher’s Avant! AI, implemented in robots, can be the brain for advanced technology in wide variety of domains, among them medicine, autonomous vehicles including automobiles, drones and spacecraft, aviation, military, education and many more. Most of today’s robots are only programmed to carry out tasks without thinking; Gopher’s goal is to create self-learning robots based on machine learning logic. The goal of our robotics program is to seek to address the need for robots to perform increasingly complex tasks and to have the capability to become a self-learning and thinking entities.Today’s launch of this program is just the first step.

Danny Rittman, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Gopher Protocol Inc.

A report from Research and Markets indicates that the global artificial intelligence market accounted for $15.7 billion USD in 2017 and is projected to reach $300.26 billion USD by 2026. We believe the robotics program launched by our CTO, Dr. Danny Rittman, when implemented, will be essential to organically grow our company in such an impactful and far-reaching market.

Douglas Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Gopher Protocol Inc.

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