Nord Modules Introduces Robot Application for Automated Heavy-Payload Transportation

Nord Modules, launched by Bruno Hansen, a co-founder of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), announced the launch of a new application allowing the automation of transporting pallets and heavy payloads.

The Pallet Mover PM1500 enables efficient payload transportation of up to 1500kg and is designed for mobile robots such as the MiR500. The new application compliments Nord Modules' product portfolio of flexible material-moving modules that efficiently connect production lines and internal logistics using autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The safe, ready-to-use and industrial-quality application PM1500 enhances automated heavy-payload transportation of various pallet sizes between production lines and storage systems.

New Product Launch: The Pallet Mover

The new Nord Modules application mounts on the MiR500 robot to pick-up and deliver pallets from and to production lines or packing stations. The fully automated solution allows heavy payload transportation of up to 1500 kg | 3306 lbs to optimize internal logistics and production. The flexible application in industrial quality can efficiently transport both US and EU pallets, as well as half-pallet size.

Key benefits of Nord Modules' Pallet Mover (PM1500):

•Automatic centre placement of half pallets through an integrated fully electric sensor-system. The sensors
detect the placement of a pallet and transfers the information to the control-system.
•Integrated technology enables communication to external roller conveyors by infrared signals to e.g. indicate
the readiness for a pick-up or delivery of a pallet.
•Safe driving with a heavy load through an integrated pallet locking function. The fully automated and flexible
locking function allows the fixing of various pallet sizes.

"With multiple industries embracing the increased automation of AMRs, manufacturers are beginning to demand the additional functionality from value-add providers like Nord Modules that build top modules for our MiR fleet to enable multiple applications within a single facility," said Ed Mullen, VP of sales, Americas, MiR. "These flexible customizations are key differentiators for MiR and its integrators. We welcome Nord Modules into our partner ecosystem and look forward to how more of our customers will be able to implement our AMRs straight out of the box, speeding the overall integration process for plant needs."

Nord Modules' products comply with the safety requirements in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

Nord Modules' Presence at Automate

Bruno Hansen and Kenneth B. Henriksen, Nord Module's new chief commercial officer, will attend Automate 2019 in Chicago April 8-11, showing off the easy customization its modules enable as MiR displays some Nord Modules' products in its booth (7368). To schedule a meeting to see how their products add value to the MiR robots and to learn more about their newest product development the Pallet Mover PM1500.


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