Business Intelligence Report on Artificial Intelligence Spend in the United States

The "United States Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Opportunities and Outlook Databook Series (2016-2025) - AI Market Size / Spending Across 18 Sectors, 140+ Application Segments, AI Domains, and Technology" report has been added to's offering.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) spend in United States has increased at 77.3% during 2018 to reach US$ 4,180 million. Over the forecast period (2019-2025), spend on AI is expected to record a CAGR of 27.8%, increasing from US$ 6,452.8 million in 2019 to reach US$ 35,996.4 million by 2025.

This business intelligence report aims to analyze market opportunities and risks in artificial intelligence (AI) industry and its applications in over 140+ areas across 18 industries in United States. This is a data centric report, consisting of 340 charts and 285 tables, providing detailed understanding of market dynamics. This report covers country level AI market size/spending forecast (2016-2025) by applications across banking and finance industry's value chain, AI technology domains, and technology.

Report Scope

  • How big is the opportunity for artificial intelligence based products and services in United States?
  • How much are leading players in United States investing in AI based initiatives?
  • Which application areas across industries and should be targeted to maximize ROI?

Reason to Buy

This research report provides detailed market opportunity trend analysis, offering AI spending/market size and forecast across 140+ application areas in 18 industries in United States.

United States AI Spending/Market Size by Industry (2016-2025)

1. Banking and Finance
2. Insurance
3. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
4. Retail
5. Automotive
6. Defense
7. Aerospace
8. Construction
9. Public Sector
10. Professional Services
11. Manufacturing
12. Logistics
13. Advertising
14. Agriculture
15. Education
16. Energy and Utilities
17. Media and Entertainment
18. Technology and Communication

United States AI Spending/Market Size by Artificial Intelligence Domains 2016-2025

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Robotics and Expert Systems
  • Machine Vision & Hearing

United States AI Spending/Market Size by Technology Development 2016-2025

  • Application and Platforms
  • Services
  • Hardware

United States AI Spending/Market Size by Application (2016-2025)

1. Banking and Finance - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Portfolio Management and Trading
b. Operational Efficiency and Automation
c. Risk Management and Compliance
d. Recommendation Engines
e. Chatbots
f. Personalization and Customer Segmentation
g. Multichannel Marketing Strategy
h. Credit Scoring and Loan Management
i. Fraud Detection

2. Insurance - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Claims Processing
b. Risk Management and Compliance
c. Risk Capital & Investment Management
d. Operational Efficiency and Automation
e. Pricing, Underwriting, and Personalization
f. Chatbots

3. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Health Records & Lifestyle Management
b. Drug Discovery and Research Database
c. Genomic Sequencing Database
d. Hospital Management and Automation
e. Diagnostics
f. Robotics
g. Precision Medicine
h. Real Time Monitoring
i. Chatbots
j. Image Analysis

4. Retail - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Real Time Pricing and Incentives
b. Integrated Online and In-Store Analytics
c. Logistics and Delivery
d. Predictive Merchandising and Inventory Management
e. Image Recognition
f. Location Based Marketing
g. Chatbots
h. Personalization and Customer Segmentation
i. Fraud Detection and Risk Management

5. Automotive - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Supply Chain Optimization
b. Industrial Robotics and Adaptive Manufacturing
c. Autonomous Vehicle and Assistance Systems
d. Customer Segmentation & Personalization
e. Production Optimization and Demand Prediction
f. Automated Quality Control
g. Preventive Maintenance

6. Defense - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Unmanned Vehicles
b. Robotics
c. Mission Critical Application and Platforms
d. Threat Prevention Intelligence
e. Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Inspection
f. Recruitment
g. Location and Mapping
h. Cyber Security
i. Supply Chain Optimization and Fleet Management
j. Planning and Resource Allocation
k. Agent Based Decision Making

7. Aerospace - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Supply Chain Optimization
b. Industrial Robotics and Adaptive Manufacturing
c. Crisis Management
d. Auto-Pilot
e. Production Optimization
f. Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Inspection
g. Automated Quality Control
h. Data Security
i. Weather Forecasting
j. Mapping and Air Traffic Movement Optimization

8. Construction - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Robotics
b. Unmanned Vehicles
c. Risk Assessment and Operations
d. Planning and Project Control
e. Structural and Engineering Assessment
f. Chatbots

9. Public Sector - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Project and Resource Planning
b. e-Governance and Automation
c. Criminal Justice and Public Safety
d. Disaster Management
e. Financial Investigation
f. Cyber Security and Investigation
g. Chatbots
h. Threat Prevention Intelligence
i. Traffic Management

10. Professional Services - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Project and Resource Planning
b. Real Time and Predictive Business Intelligence
c. Design Thinking and Innovation
d. Sales and Marketing Analytics
e. Document Review and Contract Analysis
f. Chatbots
g. Cyber Security
h. Intelligent CRM
i. Human Resource Management

11. Manufacturing - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Supply Chain Optimization
b. Industrial Robotics and Adaptive Manufacturing
c. Preventive Maintenance
d. Production Optimization
e. Automated Quality Control

12. Logistics - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Supply Chain Optimization
b. Demand Prediction
c. Planning and Resource Management
d. Real Time Route Optimization

13. Advertising - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Ad Campaign Planning and Reporting
b. Image Identification and Querying
c. Personalization and Targeted Advertising
d. Video Analysis
e. Speech Recognition

14. Agriculture - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Food Safety
b. Livestock Management
c. Supply Chain Management
d. Pest Control and Weed Identification
e. Crop Planning and Weather Forecasting
f. Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Inspection
g. Chatbots
h. Unmanned Vehicles and Drones
i. Automated Irrigation Systems
j. Crop Health Monitoring
k. Cattle Monitoring

15. Energy and Utilities - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Building Energy Management
b. Production Optimization
c. Fraud Detection
d. Supply Chain Management

16. Education - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Behavior Analytics
b. Personalized Tutoring and Recommendations
c. Language Expertise
d. Impairment Solutions
e. Sales and Marketing
f. Operational Efficiency

17. Media and Entertainment - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Gaming
b. Fake Story Detection
c. Plagiarism Detection
d. Personalization
e. Production Planning and Management
f. Sales and Marketing
g. Talent Identification

18. Technology and Communication - AI Spending/Market Size
a. Project Planning and Control
b. Development and Code Optimization
c. Human Resource Management
d. Design Optimization
e. Multichannel Marketing Analytics
f. Predictive Sales Intelligence
g. Disruption Intelligence
h. Fraud Mitigation
i. Risk Management and Compliance

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