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Human Production and AI Editing Integrated to Transform Sports Video

High school sports video leader, LocalLive, recently has struck a partnership with New York-based AI video editor, PLAAY Sports to transform the way amateur sports video is used, edited, shared, and saved.

Lacrosse highlights. (Image credit: LocalLive)

LocalLive integrates the value proposition of permanently set up outdoor and indoor 4G cameras at private and public colleges, high schools, and for-profit venues, with the integral benefit of professional human production. Remote producers guarantee high quality play coverage and also manage the game to prevent showing fights, injuries, and other instances not easily prevented by other systems. It accomplishes this at a very low per-game cost.

PLAAY is dedicated to promoting player and fan engagement by using AI to automate the editing of LocalLives's streamed and video-on-demand complete game video into team game and season summaries and tailored highlight videos.

One of the things we hear over and over from our users and partner schools, is that they want the ability to see game highlights and also easily create personal highlight reels to share on social media and also use for recruiting. PLAAY has a mobile platform that accomplishes these two goals using patented number recognition combined with automated highlight compiling. What PLAAY needed was quality video, which LocalLive has in abundance.

Nelson Santos, CEO and Founder, LocalLive.

PLAAY's central mission is to enable schools to easily share game summaries and team highlights with fans to showcase their institutions, teams, and players for publicity and development. While also enabling athletes to share tailored highlight videos for individual publicity on social media, with friends and family and for the recruiting process. The quality of LocalLive's source video makes it suitable for supporting these school, player, and coach goals.

"PLAAY is excited to partner with LocalLive to drive player and fan engagement by delivering personalized and team video highlights for all players in all sports at all the schools in the LocalLive network," said Christopher Ricciardi, who founded PLAAY in 2017.

The app lets users to modify and make their own video highlight reels from the numerous games LocalLive is already live streaming in 14 states and the several thousands of games LocalLive holds in its video-on-demand library.

We want to support recruiting, but that's a small group of athletes, we also want to make it easier for the masses of our users to access video of their athlete through our platform and use it the way the want to use it. YouTube or any existing platform restricts the way you can use video, and our work with PLAAY solves that problem.

Nelson Santos, CEO and Founder, LocalLive.

"PLAAY is constantly looking for ways to use its patented 'AI' to make personalized player and team highlights," said Ricciardi. "Integration with LocalLive lets schools, players and fans extend the life of games and share successes with anyone they choose to."

Since the beginning of the year, the companies have been beta-testing a new iPhone/iPad app, which will be accessible to the public directly – visit to know more.

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