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GeckoSystems Reveals Sentient Artificial Intelligence in Cost-Effective Mobile Home Robots

GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. revealed today their world’s first achievement, sentient artificial intelligence in cost effective, truly utilitarian mobile home robots for family care. For over twenty years, GeckoSystems has dedicated itself to development of "AI Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service."

“AI sentience, a machine’s awareness of its context and the appropriate, common sense responses to the dynamics and realities of its situation, has been pursued by AI researchers for several decades. Our constellation of synergistic AI Savants within our self-subsuming biological hierarchical architecture enables the invocation of emergent behaviors that produce beneficial, pet-like sentience for family lifestyle betterment, as well as other mobile service robot applications,” stated Martin Spencer, CEO, GeckoSystems.

The GeckoSuper manages the AI constellation to achieve the gestalt affect in that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Under the GeckoSuper’s direction, AI sentience results from the combination of GeckoNav, GeckoTrak, GeckoImager, GeckoChat, and GeckoScheduler.

In order for any companion robot to be utilitarian for family care, it must be a "three-legged milk stool."

(1) Human quick reflex time to avoid moving and/or unmapped obstacles (GeckoNav):
(2) Verbal interaction (GeckoChat: with a sense of date and time (GeckoScheduler:, and
(3) Ability to automatically find and follow designated parties (GeckoTrak: such that verbal interaction can occur routinely with video and audio monitoring of the care receiver is uninterrupted.

In the past year, several international market research firms have judged GeckoSystems’ AI robotic systems on par with numerous international multi-billion-dollar corporations. None of these reports were solicited or compensated in any manner by anyone directly, or indirectly involved with the company.

Per Premium Market Insights:
Mobile Robots as a Service Market to 2027 Global Analysis and Forecasts
The major players operating in the Mobile Robots as a Service Market include Adept Technology, Inc., Aethon Inc., GeckoSystems Intl. Corp., General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., iRobot Corporation, Kongsberg Maritime AS, Kuka AG, Northrop Grumman Corporation, SoftBank Robotics and others.

Per Global Market Estimates:
Global Mobile Robots Market Size & Analysis - Forecasts To 2025
Kuka AG, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., SoftBank Robotics, iRobot Corporation, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp., Lockheed Martin, Kongsberg Maritime, Bluefin Robotics Corporation, Samsung Electronics

Per Research and Markets:
Mobile Robots Market - Global Forecast 2023
The report profiles key players in the mobile robots’ market with their respective market ranking analysis. Prominent players profiled in this report are Northrop Grumman (US), Honda Motor (Japan), SoftBank (Japan), iRobot (US), DJI (China), Lockheed Martin (US), Kongsberg Maritime (Norway), KUKA (Germany), Bluefin Robotics (US), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Parrot (France), 3DR (US), GeckoSystems (US), LG (South Korea), Amazon Robotics (US), Mayfield Robotics (US), Promobot (Russia), Bluefrog Robotics (France), LEGO (Denmark), and ECA Group (France).

Excerpt from their report: Software used in a robotic system is basically a set of coded commands and a list of instructions that are proposed to program robots according to the task required to be done by them. Owing to technological advancements, robot OEMs have started integrating data analytics platforms such as big data analysis and predictive analysis with the robotic system. The fast growth of the market for software can also be attributed to the increase in demand for mobile robots with auto navigation and autonomous decision-making capabilities.

Per Qurate Business Intelligence:
Service Robotics Market Outlook 2018 to 2024
The major players such as Adept Technology, Inc., Aethon Inc., Bluefin Robotics, DJI, DeLaval International AB, ECA Group, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., in the Service Robotics Market are profiled in detail like company portfolio, business strategies, financial overview, recent developments, and market share of the overall industry.

Per The Insight Partners:
Smart Robots Market to 2025
Some of the leading key players include in this research are:
Aethon Inc., Lely Group, iRobot Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Google Inc., Intuitive Surgical Inc., DeLaval Group, Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Amazon.Com, KUKA AG, ABB Ltd., Fanuc Corp., ECA Group, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp., Yaskawa Electric Corp., Adept Technology Inc., and Bluefin Robotics Corp.

Per Research and Markets:
Robotics Market Expected to Grow at a Significant Rate Between 2018 and 2023
Northrop Grumman (US), Honda Motor (Japan), iRobot (US), DJI (China), 3DR (US), Intuitive Surgical (US), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Parrot (France), GeckoSystems (US), Kongsberg Maritime (Norway), and DeLaval (Sweden) are some of the major companies dominating the top service robotics market.

Excerpt from their report: Domestic applications are expected to hold the largest share of the top service robotics market in 2018. Growing demand for domestic robots for domestic applications such as vacuum cleaning and lawn mowing is the key factor driving the growth of the market. However, the market for entertainment, education, and personal applications is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. The increasing number of working officials across the world is expected to put forth a need for service robots for providing companionship to the elderly and toddlers.

Given the foregoing accreditation as to the ranking of GeckoSystems’ AI acumen in the world, it is not surprising that the company has achieved yet another extraordinary AI breakthrough. Over 100 videos chronicle the evolution of the company’s numerous proprietary, AI inventions. That URL is: Third-party verification may be viewed here:

What does the CareBot do with its machine sentience?

  • Family creates surrogate companion for family care since:
    • Verbally answers repetitive and common questions:
      • Are we going anywhere today?
      • Is anyone coming over today?
    • Family customizes timely verbal reminders:
      • Tells family anecdotes as often as appropriate
      • Quantity and type medication with verbal confirmation
      • Can, e.g., recite favorite Bible verses, etc.
      • Upcoming events like doctor appointments, family gatherings, TV shows, church functions, etc.
      • Plays word games, riddles, and other memory exercises
      • Time of day, day of week, date of month as often as set
      • Weather updates as often as set
    • Plays favorite music as scheduled, desired
    • Safely, smoothly follows them from room to room like a pet dog or cat to stay close by for virtual companionship, automatic "situation" and/or emergency notifications, easy video/audio monitoring and virtual visits
  • Home trial tested to never hit anything as it automatically follows designated person, reminding them routinely that you care while watching over them for you
    • Voice is customized by authorized family members
    • Movements are very graceful; never sudden or startling
  • No computer smarts needed by frail parent, children
  • Let you tend to family in their home from any web browser anywhere anytime:
    • Look in on them quickly, easily, and quietly if you choose
    • Video chat to virtually visit when/if you choose to let them know how much you care and are watching over them
  • Smart phone management for easy use by all the family
  • Caregiver with word processing skills can operate
  • 100% automatically without assistance, the CareBot:
    • Alerts you and/or designated party if they:
      • Have fallen
      • Ask, holler for help
      • Have left the house
      • Are night time wandering
      • Haven't confirmed taking their medication(s)
      • Have an intruder or other unexpected visitor
      • Have smoke and/or fire present
    • Automatically recharges for 7/24 safety
  • Non-obsolescent design: electronics and software upgradeable

“The company continues is decades long business strategy of seeking joint ventures, licensing agreements and the building and selling of mobile service robots. In the past year, the company has initiated, and continues discussions with, machine learning companies, power wheel chair distributors, control systems laboratories, etc.

More cost effective, utilitarian mobile robots are feasible with our suite of AI mobile robot solutions, now by incorporating the GeckoSuper. I am also pleased that as the Mobile Service Robotics industry begins to offer real products to eager markets, our capabilities and their benefits are being recognized. Our 1300+ shareholders can continue to be confident that we expect to be signing numerous licensing agreements to further substantiate and delineate the reality that GeckoSystems will earn net profits to further increase shareholder value and ROI," concluded Spencer.

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