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7 Fearless Spider Machines

Spider excavators (also known as walking excavators) take a firm place in the extraordinary machines category. Inspired by the mesmerizing and complex nature of spiders, an arachnid-like vehicle has been designed - and the result is simply epic! Have a look at the most fearless and powerful spider machines - a ranking prepared by TradeMachines.

Photographer / Source: Trade Machines FI GmbH

Those fierce, robust and reliable machines are ready to work in any type of environment, whether it’s in deep water, forest or uneven terrain with steep slopes. The rotating platform, where the operators sit, coupled with leg-like extensions ensure both versatility and stability.

Despite the extreme capabilities of spider machines and their unusual looks, most people don’t even know about their existence. Those crazy looking vehicles were invented in 1966 by Edwin Ernst Menzi and Joseph Kaiser. The idea behind the invention was to build a truck that could access areas which traditional excavators couldn’t, like mountain slopes. Menzi Muck AG & Kaiser AG are the leading spider excavator manufacturers today.


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