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First AI-Based Radiology Diagnostics Solution Cleared for Sale in Europe

Mindshare Medical stated recently that its RevealAI-Lung product has been approved for sale in Europe (CE Mark) and can be used with CT scans of the lung.

RevealAI-Lung, a Computer Assisted Diagnostic (CADx) software for lung cancer diagnosis, is the first diagnostic system to obtain regulatory clearance in its class. RevealAI-Lung can considerably enhance clinicians' diagnostic efficacy and enhance recommendations for follow-up, while incorporating effortlessly with current Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Mindshare has shown the potential for minimizing false-positives as well as time to diagnosis, which may lower patient exposure to avoidable imaging procedures and biopsy in certain cases, while also offering the chance to treat lung cancer at an earlier stage.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among men and women across the world with 376,000 deaths in Europe in 2017, which signifies 20% of all cancer deaths.  It also is the reason for the loss of 3.2 million disability-adjusted life-years yearly.

Taking into consideration Europe's five-year net survival rate of 18%, the ability to detect and treat a malignant lump even a few months earlier could yield major benefit to patients. Besides these clinical benefits, when considering the financial burden to the healthcare system, decreasing the avoidable procedures from false-positives yields sizable cost-savings.

Mindshare's RevealAI can play a crucial role in the adoption of value-based healthcare and boost the execution of lung cancer screening programs across Europe.

We at Mindshare are very pleased to bring RevealAI to the European market as the first cleared CADx product. Our partners in the UK and across the continent have recognized the value that Mindshare can bring for managing lung nodules. From radiology to thoracic surgery, there are broad implications, and we're excited about delivering this benefit to help patients and help healthcare systems deliver care.

Michael Calhoun, PhD. CEO, Mindshare Medical

Mindshare Medical creates innovative, evidence-based clinical decision support technologies that provide tailored diagnostics and guidance for more successful follow-up procedures and treatments. This precision medicine radiomics method is meant to significantly enhance patient results and lessen the financial burden for healthcare organizations.

Mindshare's solutions are engineered to fall within current clinical workflows—providing impactful insights that are easily accessible to the clinician.


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