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ROBOTTECA Announces Availability of First Humanoid Robot Software for Learning a New Language

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA ("ROBOTTECA") today announced an agreement with Curious Technologies Ltd. of Finland to offer its language learning software called ELIAS Robot Software ("ELIAS") for use with the NAO Humanoid Robot.

NAO is a product of Softbank Robotics. ELIAS enables the NAO robot to act as a language learning coach using pedagogic solutions interacting with students using a 'voice user interface' (VUI) and artificial intelligence (AI). ELIAS allows teachers to use the NAO robot as a classroom assistant or for customizing individual lessons setting specific learning objectives and the pace of learning for individual students. The use of vocabulary games, memory exercises, and real-life conversation simulations further enables language learning. The ELIAS application is based on a scientifically proven method of teaching. The content was created in collaboration with Finnish schools and teachers in order to fully adapt to the needs of the classroom.

"There are skills that can be learned only in communication but are difficult to practice with other people such as speaking foreign languages, beating stage fright or saying no to bullies. This is where Elias can help! ELIAS Robot software with NAO helps students practice communication skills in a safe and positive way. With ELIAS, students don't have to be afraid of making mistakes. The NAO robot doesn't get tired of listening and repeating. Using ELIAS with a NAO robot can really make learning fun and entertaining. Fun and playfulness improve learning results, engage students in the learning process, enhance problem-solving skills, and strengthen the interaction," said Michael Radice, chairman of technology advisory for ROBOTTECA.

The company also stated that ELIAS for NAO is available for immediate purchase for the following languages: English; Finnish; French; German; Italian; Spanish; and Swedish via its website at

"We are impressed with the flexibility of the ELIAS lesson editor which provides a platform that enables users to create their own, tailored content to be used by ELIAS. Users can add lists of words or phrases with matching images, write dialogues for the NAO robot, or simply edit the ready-made lessons. The editor makes ELIAS accessible for everyone, as you do not need any programming skills to use it. This tool makes it easy to create fun exercise for students to practice their speaking skills with an Elias Software Robot," concluded Radice.

"We are pleased to introduce ELIAS in the U.S with ROBOTTECA. We know from our experience that integrating Elias in the classroom creates a positive learning experience for both teacher and student. The application uses fun pictures, learning by ear, and conversational practices. Importantly this gives access to language learning for children who do not have the ability to read. It can also be used in circumstances when a student doesn't have access to a qualified language teacher, such as in homeschooling," said Johanna Hemminki, CEO, Curious Technologies Ltd.

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