Analysis of Global Artificial Intelligence Market from 2019 to 2024 adds "Artificial intelligence (AI)- Global market share, industry analysis, top key players, strategies and forecast to 2024".


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving at a fast rate and is penetrating in every sector including the automobile industry, robotics, banking, and financial services, healthcare, research & development, aerospace to name a few. The technology deals with the development of machines and software. Machine Vision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze the visual data and take decisions e.g. driverless automatic vehicles, facial recognition, and others. It helps to predict and perform maintenance automatically in a manufacturing unit. It reduces the human effort to accomplish a job easily and efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is even able to hear and analyze the sound. The introduction of digital assistants has eased the job tasks of business professionals through its efficiency and accuracy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can speak and respond accurately to the queries and responses given by the human. The researchers are working out on developing models that can detect illnesses by smelling human's breath. It detects the chemicals associated with illness. The AI bots identify any gas leakage or chemicals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) controls the movement of drones, robots or a driverless vehicle.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can even gather information on the emotions of a person just by analyzing facial expressions, body language, etc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can master any creative processes such as poetry, visual art, composing music and even taking photographs. The penetration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare & medicine is a boon to patients. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform astonishingly well in any challenging position. The advantage of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a wide range of industries is taking the market by storm.

Top Key Players:

AI Brain
Iris AI

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By technology, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market in the section - Deep Learning, Digital Personal Assistant, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Querying Method, and Context-Aware Processing. By product, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market in the section - Software and Hardware. By services, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market in the section - Installation, Support and Maintenance, and Training. By end-user, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market in the section - Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Fraud Detection, Wealth Management, Robot-integrated Manufacturing Systems, Manufacturing, Automated Virtual Assistants, Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Automotive, Product Recommendation, Healthcare Assistants, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Research and Development, and Automated In-store Robot.

Regional Analysis:

Europe and North America's Artificial Intelligence (AI) market achieve growth due to the development of technologically advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors. The penetration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every sector has boosted the market performance. With the increasing digitization and adoption of Artificial Intelligence, this region will have the largest market share across the world. South America's Artificial Intelligence (AI) market achieves growth due to its increasing adoptability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a wide range of industries and generating huge revenues. Asia-Pacific (APAC) Artificial Intelligence (AI) market to achieve growth with the increasing digitization among the mass population. Various industries and manufacturing units from different fields are adopting Artificial Intelligence to increase the production and quality of work with cost-efficiency.

Industry News:

The humanoid robot named Sophia addressed the room at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, and she spoke about artificial and robotic intelligence while she answered questions on many different topics. She answered the inquiries from participants and journalists including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. She explained to the audience that robot supremacy is still far from happening.


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