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IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System Cameras to Solve Complicated Image-Processing Applications.

PPT VISION has designed the 26 IMPACT M-Series color cameras that utilize color IMPACT software solution to find, study, and sort color objects.

IMPACT M-Series cameras

These fast and strong factory automated color camera systems are now available commercially. The IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System covers a broad aspect of machine vision and can be used for solving more complicated applications.

Cost-effective cameras of VGA resolution, high-speed cameras of 210 fps and high-precision cameras of five mega pixel resolution are a few models present in the M-Series.

Color IMPACT M-Series cameras are used for the detection of microbial food spoilage and analysis of fat in meat.

The PPT IMPACT color vision tool can assist in locating pharmaceutical tablets, caplets, and capsules. This cost-effective tool can also be used in several applications for finding components in electronic products and guiding wire placements.

Users can carry up to four inspections using the IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System. A single vision processor is utilized to initiate each process. Processes can be run either independently at various time intervals or simultaneously. The IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System eliminates the need to install multiple systems required for carrying out various applications inspection programs. This vision system enables users to reduce networking time and offers simple setup procedures over traditional vision systems.


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