Research Report on Tesla's AR Cloud Platform and WIMI's Hologram AI Visual SDK in Unmanned Driving

MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on 'Tesla's AR Cloud Platform and WIMI's Hologram AI visual SDK in Unmanned Driving'. Unmanned vehicles can realize autonomous control and avoid obstacles actively. Although it may sound incredible, this technology has now made great breakthroughs. Moreover, many technology companies at home and abroad have made great progress.

Unlike most automakers' options for autonomous driving, Tesla's autonomous driving is based on a pure visual solution, which completes autonomous driving or navigation through eight cameras on the car's body, AI chips, and the cloud platform behind it. Tesla is building an AR cloud platform based on outdoor scenes. It may also be bold to guess that AR glasses will be launched in the future.

Some companies have already used the front screen as an AR HUD (head-up display technology) projection. There are currently some smaller, inconspicuous versions on the market, but future versions are likely to be all-encompassing. The AR view is broken down into a simplified driver view on the windshield (only provides key information to the driver to reduce distraction).

On the passenger side, richer content can be displayed, such as the location of restaurants, stores, the nearest parking lot, and other concerned information. Another advantage of AR HUD is that it can infer the gaze direction through the on-board camera and the key driving information projected to the gaze center to allow the expected head movement.

WIMI focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. Its business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major professional fields: home entertainment, light field cinema, performing arts system, commercial release system, and advertising display system.

From the perspective of the value of the industrial chain, WIMI Hologram Cloud acts as an intermediate supplier, connecting the SDK operating platform and application developers. Apple, Google, Baidu, JD, Alibaba, and NetEase all have their own AR SDK platforms. As an intermediate platform, WIMI Hologram Cloud is a supplement to the basic toolkit provided by the SDK platform, allowing users to complete software applications more conveniently.

The holographic image processing function of WIMI is regularly optimized and improved, including two core technologies: holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology. Due to the development of video processing and recognition technology, WIMI's holographic AR advertising and holographic imaging services based on image detection, recognition, template matching, image dynamic fusion and replacement are currently in a leading position in the industry.

With the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication networks, the 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment and holographic conferences will gradually become popular in holographic social networking, holographic communication, holographic navigation, and holographic home applications.

WIMI Hologram Cloud plans to use the holographic AI face recognition technology and the holographic AI face change technology as the core technology and use several technological innovation systems to support the holographic cloud platform service and 5G communication holographic application.

Maybe in the not-too-distant future, we will wake up from the car in the morning, and find ourselves in different cities, looking at different scenery. Moreover, instead of being boring on the way, we will be able to play AR games with friends. When cars become various spaces, travel will really become a way of life for us. But there is a long way to go, and the challenges will be arduous. But there must be a dream if it comes true.

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