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Avaamo Deploys Universal Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Leading Financial Conglomerate

Avaamo has deployed a universal Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for leading financial conglomerate, Aditya Birla Capital (ABCL). The one-stop virtual assistant, "ABC Assist", has been built to meet all of their customer servicing needs across different group businesses and entities.

ABCL is a part of the Aditya Birla Group, a US$ 48.3 billion Fortune 500 multinational. The company began their conversational AI journey with their insurance business, which built a very successful omni-channel IVA to automate responses to customer inquiries - from informational queries, to fully personalized and transactional interactions. The Mutual Fund, Home Finance, Loans & Mortgages and other group companies have since followed suit with their own IVAs to automate customer service interactions.

Given the success of the IVAs of the individual group companies, ABCL embarked on creating a unified experience across their brands, while still allowing each business to continue to build more advanced capabilities in their own IVAs. With the launch of ABC Assist, ABCL is able to ensure their customers have a seamless experience, consistent with the corporate ABCL brand to access, interact, and transact with all their businesses.

ABC Assist has deployed a next-generation bot middleware architecture that seamlessly manages customer handover across multiple ABCL products including Life Insurance, Mutual Fund, Health Insurance, Lending, and Stocks & Securities, thus helping eliminate information silos. It gracefully handles user queries across these products, and quickly guides them to the right service, to enable end-to-end transactions. The universal IVA is also integrated into Aditya Birla's live agent system, for those cases when the user requires human assistance, and transfers the customer to a live agent.

"ABC Assist is built using Avaamo's conversational AI technology, while ensuring that compliance, data sharing, privacy, and regulatory requirements are met," said Avaamo co-founder and CEO Ram Menon. "We have been working with several large enterprises who need a universal virtual assistant that can consolidate IVAs across departments, groups, and geographies. Some of these enterprises have also implemented different IVA technologies. We are excited to see the progress at ABCL as they lead the industry in implementing a unified brand experience resulting in the automation of thousands of transactions each month."

Mukesh Malik, COO, Aditya Birla Capital Limited said, "Our customer needs are rapidly changing in the post-pandemic age and we need to innovate constantly to provide a unified brand experience to our customers. Avaamo has been a great partner for us in automating millions of conversations with our users. With the launch of ABC Assist, we are now able to consolidate all our group automation efforts, and deliver a unified experience to our customers.


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