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Neuron Robotics Announces Major DyIOs Sale to WPI

Neuron Robotics, a company that develops products for reducing the developing cost of cyber-physical systems and robotics, announced that it has performed its first major sale of the Dynamic Input / Output (DyIO) modules.

Neuron Robotics DyIO modules

The company sold 190 DyIOs and 40 Bowler Deploy Modules (BDM) to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). In addition, Neuron Robotics has sold battery adaptors and USB cables for the DyIOs and has also provided warranties and service plans.

Neuron Robotics’ DyIOs facilitate easy connection between computers and the physical world. Different types of peripherals, including sensors, servos and LEDs, can be plugged into the DyIO’s channels directly and their output can be extracted using normal computers. The DyIOs are designed for easy handling by students and novices.

The DyIOs produced by Neuron Robotics work across major operating systems including Mac, Linux and Windows. This means that the code can be written in one OS, deployed in another OS and tested in yet another different OS. The DyIOs supports environments and programming languages such as C, MATLAB, Java and Python. Neuron Robotics has also provided a Development Kit and tutorials at its website.


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