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AI World School Reveals Revolutionary Online Educational Platform

On November 30th 2020, at 9 am [EST], AI World School (AIWS) is launching its remote, self-learning platform which aims to provide students between the ages of 7 and 18 years old with a fundamental grasp of AI and Coding technology.

This global launch will be announced by AIWS at the ISTE 2020 Edtech Conference and will be targeted towards students at home, homeschoolers and students in K12 schools.

We live in a dynamic world that is constantly evolving- whether professionally, academically, or culturally. Our children now, more than ever, need our help in order to tackle some of the more difficult challenges they must overcome in this increasingly complex and competitive environment.

We believe that principle traits & skills developed through our AI based education- such as STEM skills, innovation and creativity, play a crucial role in the development and preparation of most future-ready children.

Additionally, due to the growing importance of being digitally literate in today's society, adequate AI & Coding related knowledge provides a competitive advantage to persons when applying to colleges and internships, and it serves as a significant attraction for firms in a variety of different areas of practice.

Children today are increasingly growing up around AI-powered devices. We believe that a practical grounding in AI and its pragmatic implications will allow students to create innovative solutions to problems affecting key industries in our economy, such as Manufacturing, Cybersecurity and Healthcare.

The AIWS Founders and Governing board- who have been involved with education, robotics and computer science for decades, have created a new, student-centered, remote-learning landscape focused on the five Big Ideas of AI.

The course is designed to be fun, creative and colourful whilst maintaining an element of purpose and ethos.

Students between the ages 7 and 18 will bring their projects to life with easy-to-use, age-appropriate coding tools such as S4AIWS Scratch AI extension, Sn4AIWS Snap! AI extension, Phiro Code smartphone app, MIT App Inventor, Python and JavaScript.

The 200+ hands-on real-time coding experiences are intuitive, self-paced, self-directed and come with a variety of STEM challenges and project-based learning approaches. The learning outcomes of the experiential curriculum are expected to accelerate individual performance, and drive both college and career success.

"Parents and educators are looking for online technology platforms that support student-centered learning, help work collaboratively and share their creations with peers around the globe in a personalized learning environment. At AIWS we have designed a new transformational learning landscape focused on bridging this gap. We seek to empower children to explore, learn & create with AI in an age-appropriate environment." says Mr. Ramana Prasad, the Chairman of AIWS

"At AIWS we want to inspire students to discover the elements of AI and flourish in an
AI driven world.
" declared Ms Aditi Prasad, the COO of AIWS.

Online AI courses from AIWS will be available from November 30th 2020, with launch prices starting as low as [USD 30] and going up to [USD 99]. Courses will be easily accessible worldwide via the internet.

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