Bright Apps and #HumanIntelligence Partner to Teach Decision Makers How to Use AI

#​HumanIntelligence and Bright Apps, LLC are partnering to teach decision makers what they need to know when they are considering an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) decision assistant solution for their organization.

While AI has the potential to transform business processes and reveal previously hidden insights, starting the conversation can be difficult for a few reasons.

The unfamiliar, technical vocabulary can be daunting for decision makers who may not understand the nuances of supervised versus unsupervised learning or the difference between structured and unstructured data.

Other business leaders may not be sure whether their problem can be solved by AI because it is hard to separate the reality of the state of the art from the fantasy of television, movies, and marketing brochures. This knowledge disparity puts business leaders at a disadvantage when negotiating with software solutions providers.

Bright Apps and #HumanIntelligence are preparing to launch Bee Intelligence: AI Beyond the Buzzwords, a facilitated, game-based curriculum designed to teach business and government decision makers how to use AI technologies in their operations.

"Most AI training courses end with a lesson about programming in Python. Our customers are decision makers. They needed a curriculum to teach them how to use AI rather than how to build AI," said Dan Manning, Lead Instructor for #HumanIntelligence, a training firm teaching professionals how to think better.

Using a game featuring AI-assisted honeybees, Bee Intelligence provides an approachable and fun way to learn concepts related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, automation bias, and risk management.

Bright Apps and #HumanIntelligence have worked on several projects, but this is the first training product they have co-developed.

"We build AI solutions that work for our clients. We built the AI engine that automated the person-to-job matching process for the world's largest specialized staffing agency, a Fortune 500 company. Now, we have a tool to help future customers, even smaller businesses, make smart decisions about how AI can improve their operations," said Greg McGregor, CEO of Bright Apps.

More information about the Bee Intelligence curriculum can be found at:


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