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Telepresence Robot to Scan and Capture Facial Movements

Advanced Telecommunications Research International released, the Elfoid, a chunky, grippable Kewpie-doll-sized android in Japan on March 4, 2011.

This product, designed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, is not only used as a phone for transmitting voice but also captures and broadcasts human emotions from one point to another.

Elfoid is capable of capturing your facial expressions and transmitting the data though the voice channels using the standard 3G phone protocols. With a soft to touch skin, the little bot feels luxurious to carry around. Elfoid is also capable of replicating an individual’s moves by altering the generic features of the tiny droid.

The initial prototype of the droid does not support features like capturing facial movements, but the facility hopes to be incorporated in the future versions.

The roboticist Ishiguro has also designed the Geminoid-F robot, which is capable of reproducing a convincing smile. Ishiguro believes that this model will capture more non-verbal communication and provide a better sense of telepresence for users.


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