InGen Dynamics Unveils Novel AI-Enabled Robotics Technology - The Origami Platform

InGen Dynamics, a Palo Alto-based AI and Robotics company showcases The Origami Platform™, its most important, prized, and valuable intellectual asset.

inGen Dynamics has diligently worked over the years to develop revolutionary and next generational AI Robotics technology. The Origami Platform™ is the pinnacle of these efforts and represents a quantum leap in AI-enabled Robotics.

The company's entire portfolio of products and AI-based Robots leverage the platform's power to operate autonomously, continuously learn, and intercommunicate on a worldwide basis.

The Origami Platform™ serves as an artificial brain, task orchestrator, and central nervous system that intelligently enables all inGen Dynamics products and AI-Based Robots. The platform's ground-breaking design leverages a framework of AI and robotics components, deep learning & machine learning algorithms, software and hardware interfaces, communication protocols, and internal robotic sub-systems that have been developed, engineered, and advanced since the inception of the company.

"We are excited to showcase the power and beauty of The Origami Platform™," said Eric Egnet, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. "It allows inGen Dynamics to rapidly design, develop, and deploy (essentially fold into existence) new types of products and AI-Based Robots to respond to new market opportunities and vertical industry demand."

Key statistics, goals, and objectives:

The Origami Platform™ has been production operational and has clocked over 500 hundred thousand hours in client deployments worldwide.

inGen Dynamics, with its growing portfolio of solutions, powered by The Origami Platform™, is on track to hit a 100 million dollar valuation in 2021.

The Origami Platform™ over the next ten years is predicted to power and deliver an estimated 25 billion dollars of client, partner, and robotics industry business.

The inGen Dynamics team is continuously working on new releases of The Origami Platform™. One upcoming feature release will allow the platform to dynamically adapt to new operating environment factors and conditions, based on what it already has learned, without having to relearn about the newly changed environment.

This will be achieved, through breakthrough architecture advancements, including the real-time interactions between two neural networks, that will allow it understand context.

"The Origami Platform™ will be able to identify changes and differences in the operating environment, instantly adjust to them, and then carry out all new tasks accordingly," said Founder and CEO Arshad Hisham. "This will be a powerful new functionality that will offer tremendous benefits for our products and AI-based Robots on a worldwide basis.


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